Architectural Review

Chair: Jim Coen

> ARB Submission Form

This is a PDF form that can be filled out using Adobe Acrobat .Please fill out and email this form as an attachment to . Or instead, you may print the form and mail the hard copy to GHOA, P.O Box 315, Rochester VT 05767.

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) owes its existence to the By-Laws and Covenants of the Great Hawk Owner’s Association. According to these documents, the purpose of the ARB is to maintain the aesthetic conditions of Great Hawk in order to preserve or enhance living in our community and to improve our property values.

The members of the ARB are aware of changes in building materials, styles, environmental impact concerns, and safety issues and use this information in making decisions concerning homeowner building plans. The Board is also aware of the desire of homeowners to quickly initiate building plans and the Board quickly responds to all proposals. We see ourselves as a committee whose primary concern is to enhance our community and to help homeowners develop their plans to achieve their housing goals rather than being a roadblock to new construction and land management.

In light of the goals of the ARB, it might be useful to restate some of the guidelines presented in the GHOA By-Laws and Covenants. Please note the following statements that are extracted from these two documents:

  • No structures or buildings of any kind, or exterior appurtenances and no improvements or modifications changing the exterior appearance of existing structures, buildings and appurtenances shall be undertaken until sketches of all such new construction, proposed improvements or modifications to existing facilities, and further, in the case of construction on an unimproved lot, sketches of site and landscaping plans have been formally approved in writing by the Architectural Review Board of the Great Hawk Owners’ Association.
  • GHOA land owners must apply to the ARB for approvals prior to commencement of construction or improvements.
  • The ARB must review all plans for construction, additions, and all other types of site improvements, including, but not limited to structures or buildings of any kind or exterior appurtenances.
  • Any and all new construction; improvement, modification, or alteration to existing facilities; and installation of water, electrical, septic, and sewage systems shall conform in all respects to all applicable environmental and other requirements and codes then in effect in the Town of Rochester and in the State of Vermont.
  • Each owner shall at all times maintain the premises, structures, buildings and lot(s) in a clean, neat and presentable fashion, and will not store or permit the accumulation of any refuse or debris. Due to the danger of forest fires as well as to the concern to limit air pollution, leaves, brush, or branches only may be burned subject to Vermont state law and Rochester, Vermont, Town permitting procedures. (During extended absences from the community, it might be valuable to engage a home maintenance company to mow lawns, trims plantings and otherwise maintain the appearance of the property.)
  • Evergreen trees over two (2) inches in diameter and deciduous trees over three (3) inches in diameter, both when measured three (3) feet above the ground, may not be cut for any purpose whatsoever without the express prior written approval of Great Hawk Corporation excepting when the cutting is necessary for the actual placement in the area of a house, patio or driveway. Vista trimming is allowed under professional advice and supervision, the object of which is to safeguard, preserve and maintain healthy and mature trees.

Thus, any changes to the outside of your house, including new construction, extensions, modifications, tree cutting that is not covered by the By-Laws, installation of free-standing mailboxes, deck or bridge building or modifications, driveway reconstruction and similar activities need to be presented to the ARB using the form that is available on this site or from the GHOA office or from the chair of the ARB.

We thank you for your cooperation to help us maintain and improve our beautiful mountain community and we look forward to working with you to implement your plans in a quick, helpful and efficient manner.