Connecting to the Cooperative Water System

GHOA Policy on New Cooperative Water Systems (CWS) Connections

This policy applies to any potential or actual buyer of an undeveloped lot at Great Hawk who wishes to connect to the CWS.  New connections will be allowed under the following conditions:

  1. Connections will only be allowed from lots that demonstrate a deeded equity interest in the CWS.
  2. An engineering firm retained by GHOA must determine that there will be no serious impact of the new connection on the level of service for the existing system, based on the yield of the well and the number of houses already connected.  The Buyer agrees to pay the cost of this evaluation regardless of the outcome.
  3. In the event that the determination is made that a new connection will not adversely affect existing homeowners, Great Hawk will have the opportunity to review detailed plans and discuss proposed implementation of the proposed connection with contractors before work is started.
  4. All permitting, labor and material costs for the connection will be paid by Buyer including supervisory labor costs incurred by GHOA.
  5. Buyer will comply with all rules of the CWS and agrees to pay regular assessments pro-rated from the time that water service is provided.