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Great Hawk Annual Homeowners Meeting

Saturday, August 21, 2021

10 AM

via Zoom Conference

Meeting in-person at the Rochester Public Library has been cencelled.
Potluck picnic afterwards at the Pumpkin Patch has also been cancelled.


2021 GHOA Annual Homeowner’s Meeting Agenda

1. Call to order and President’s opening remarks – Norm Christiansen
a. Introduction of Board
b. Introduction of new owners
c. Welcome Committee Report
d. General Announcements

2. Meeting Business
a. Approval of 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes – Barbara Shenton
b. Election of Board Members, each to serve a term of two years.
c. Declaration of Meeting Agenda Items from membership

3. Officer and Committee Reports
a. Tennis club – Deanna Campbell
b. Upper Sparrow Hawk Road – Frank Campbell
c. Great Hawk Sewer System - Paul Gillis
d. Great Hawk Cooperative Water Systems – Christians Jacqz
e. Common Land – Norm Christiansen
f. Architectural Review Board – Norm Christiansen
g. Secretary/GHOA Office – Barbara Shenton
h. Treasurer’s Report – Norm Christiansen

4. Agenda Items from membership

5. Membership vote on Proposal for FY 2022 Budget

6. Questions, comments, concerns, old and new business from the membership
7. Meeting Adjournment

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