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Board Meeting
Saturday, May 26, 2018, 4 pm at Norm Christianen’s residence.
All homeowners are welcome. Please contact normyo@myfairpoint.net if you have any questions or would like to attend. A conference call can be arranged for any homeowner to be at the meeting.
1. Open forum for homeowners’ questions and concerns
2. Architectural Review Board
3. Water Report
4. Sewer Report
5. Common Land Report
6. Secrearies Report
7. Treasurer’s Report
8. Closing forum for homeowners’ questions and concerns


2018 GHOA Annual Homeowner’s Meeting
August 18, 2018, 10 am
Rochester Public Library (upstairs), South Main Street, Rochester, VT
Afterward: BBQ/Picnic: Pumpkin Patch B&B

Please mark your calendars and join us!


  1. Call to order and President’s opening remarks – Norm Christiansen
    a. Introduction of Board
    b. Introduction of new owners
  2. Approval of 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes – Barbara Shenton
  3. Election of Board Members, each to serve a term of two years.
  4. Officer and Committee Reports
  5. Great Hawk Sewer System – Paul Gillis
    b. Great Hawk Cooperative Water Systems – Christians Jacqz
    c. Common Land – Norm Christiansen
    1) Hiking Trails – Mark Kassop
    d. Architectual Review Board – Mark Kassop
    e. Tennis club – Deanna Campbell
    f. Upper Sparrow Hawk Road (private road) – Frank Campbell
    g. Secretary/GHOA Office – Barbara Shenton
    h. Treasurer – Tom Grillo
  6. Membership vote on Proposal for FY 2018 Budget
  7. Old Business
    a. New Business
    b. Meeting AdjournmentDon’t Forget: GHOA BBQ Picnic at The Pumpkin Patch B&B immediately following the meeting


There will be no Chip-off for the year 2018.

Great Hawk Chip -Off! Saturday June 3, 2017

We love keeping Great Hawk tidy! We hold a chip-off once every two years at Great Hawk. We ask that all home and land owners pick up any fallen branches or extra brush and bring it to the side of the road. This year’s chip-off will take place on Saturday June 3, a week after Memorial Day. Ed Maclina and his crew will be coming by to pick up your brush on that day. Here are a few parameters to make the job go smoothly:
1. Bring all brush up to the side of the road, very close and convenient for a truck w/ chipper to drive up to. Brush too far away from the road cannot be picked up.

2. Place the thick end of the branch toward the road. This makes it easier to feed the chipper.

3. Branches cannot be more than 3 inches in diameter.

4. Refrain from bringing in soft, rotten, or extremely wet branches. They gum up and render the chipper inoperable.

5. Carefully choose where on the road you’d like to place the branches, because the chipper will spit the chips back out in generally the same spot.

Next Homeowners Meeting: 2017
Annual Homeowner’s Meeting Saturday, August 19, 2017 10:00 AM
Rochester Public Library (upstairs) South Main Street, Rochester, VT
BBQ/Picnic: Pumpkin Patch B&B, next door.  We hope to see new owners!


Great Hawk is a private residential homeowners association along the mountainside off Route 73 in Rochester, VT. Rochester is a small town located in the Green Mountain National Forest in  central Vermont along the White River Valley approximately 25 minutes north of Killington.

Great Hawk is one of six communities conceived by the well-known architect, Robert Williams. It consists of approximately 90 residential properties, common land, a pond, tennis courts and other amenities.

Great Hawk is convenient to many near-by recreational facilities, whether it’s hiking, golfing or bicycling during the warmer months, or downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snow shoeing or getting out on a snow machine during winter. Great Hawk is ideally situated in central Vermont with lots of recreational opportunities for you to explore.

About Great Hawk Homeowners Association (GHOA)

GHOA is a homeowners association is a non-profit organization protected by Guidelines, By-Laws, Covenants, and an Architectual Review. It membership are dedicated to providing all homewners with these protections, rights, and privileges to ensure a quality of living that is in harmony with its environment.

If you are buying or selling a home or lot in Great Hawk, please see this page.