2020 GHOA Annual Homeowner’s Meeting
August 22, 2020, 10 am
Due to Covid-19, this meeting will be held online via Zoom Conference. More details to come. If you have questions about using Zoom please contact


  1. Call to order and President’s opening remarks – Norm Christiansen
    a. Introduction of Board
    b. Introduction of new owners
  2. Meeting Business
    a. Approval of 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes – Barbara Shenton
    b. Election of Board Members, each to serve a term of two years.
    c. Declaration of Meeting Agenda Items from membership
  3. Issues, Rules and Regulations regarding Short Term Rentals in Great Hawk.
  4. Officer and Committee Reports
    a. Tennis Club – Deanna Campbell
    b. Upper Sparrow Hawk Road – Frank Campbell
    c. Great Hawk Sewer System – Paul Gillis
    d. Great Hawk Cooperative Water Systems – Christians Jacqz
    e. Common Land – Norm Christiansen
    f. Architectural Review Board – Jamin Benson
    g. Secretary/GHOA Office – Barbara Shenton
    h. Treasurer’s Report – Lolly Lindsey
  5. Agenda Items from membership
  6. Membership vote on Proposal for FY 2020 Budget
  7. Questions, comments, concerns, old and new business from the membership
  8. Meeting Adjournment
    Please join us for a Picnic at the Pumpkin Patch next door
    immediately following the meeting.

GHOA Board Zoom Meeting
Sunday June 28, 5pm
If any member would like to join please contact please contact Norm at and we will send a Zoom invite.

1. Call to Order
2. Legal billing, insurance issues etc.
3. Rental rules, brochures etc.
4. Committee Reports
    a. Common Land
    b. Secretarial
    c. Sewer
    d. Water
    e. Treasurer
    f. Architectural Review
5. Old Business
6. New Business
7. Adjourn

Green Up Day! (5/30/20)
Thank you to Stephanie and Ken, Didi and Major, Carol, Cindy and Cary, Lolly and Todd, and everyone else who participated and help make Great Hawk tidy! Those beer cans are a nuisance.

Paul Gillis, our sewer chair, wants you to watch this short little video on how to keep your septic system clean, it’s called No Wipes Down the Pipes!

Covid-19: Self Quarantining for 14 Days (3/27)
All short-term renters of Hawk Houses and 2nd home owners that are coming from high-risk areas are asked to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days. We will be able to bring you food and supplies to your house or curbside if needed. Please contact Julie at the town office at 767-3631, or visit and she will help coordinate deliveries beginning Monday 3/30. The town, in conjunction with the Rebuild Rochester Foundation, now has a Mac’s grocery delivery progam. There are at least 2 people from Great Hawk who will help make deliveries. You may also contact Norm at for any questions or concerns.

Great Hawk mugs
for sale: $8 each or 2/$15. Contact Norm at

Great Hawk Swag!
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