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Deanna Campbell (767-9154)


Membership Guidelines and Regulations
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1. Full Memberships: Full members of the Great Hawk Tennis Club (GHTC) are those owners of property at Great Hawk with Founding Memberships and other Great Hawk property owners that have paid the current one-time full membership fee of $350. Current annual GHTC dues are $50.

2. Limited Memberships:
These are offered as follows:
One week: $45
One month: $75
One season: $125
A Limited Member may use one court at a time with a guest or guests, and is subject to the same rules as a full member (see #7 below).

All limited membership fees, plus a returnable key deposit of $25, are to be paid in advance.

3. Guest Privileges: For Full Members, guest privileges are unlimited. They may entrust their court key to renters or other houseguests without question. For Limited Members, guests are limited to players sharing one court with the Limited Member or Members.

4. Tennis Committee: The GHTC Committee shall be comprised of a minimum of three members/officers (a chairperson, treasurer, and a member-at-large) appointed for two-year terms by the GHOA President. Additional members will be recruited by the GHTC committee chairperson from time to time as volunteers are needed to assist with court activities during each playing season.

The chairperson and treasurer must be owner/members of GHOA and Full Members of the GHTC. Other members of the GHTC committee may be recruited from other members of the Tennis Club.

Members of the GHTC Committee will not be paid for their services, but will be reimbursed for necessary expenses.

5. Funds: The GHTC funds shall be handled according to procedures approved by the GHOA treasurer, and the accounts shall be audited annually by the GHOA treasurer prior to the Annual GHOA Meeting. The GHTC treasurer shall submit an annual report for the approval of GHOA Directors at their annual meeting in August, and shall provide the GHOA treasurer with all information needed for GHOA tax reports.

The two signatories on the GHTC bank account shall be the GHOA treasurer and GHTC treasurer who is a full member of the GHTC. Only one of the authorized signatures shall be required on checks drawn on the GHTC account.

Funds will be used for major maintenance projects and routine seasonal maintenance of courts and surrounding grounds. Sources of these funds will come from key deposits; Full Memberships; Limited Memberships offered to players who are not privileged to use the courts as Full Members or as renters or other guests of Full Members; and annual assessments to key-holding Full Members. All major expenditures other than routine maintenance costs must be approved by one GHTC officer and one of the bank account signatories.

6. Key Access: As court access is by key, keys must be handled with care by members and others to whom a key may be entrusted. To encourage care and provide a source for funds, the following returnable key deposits are required:
First key: $25
Second key: $15 (if needed for renters or property managers)
There is also a fee of $5 for Replacement of Lost Key.

7. Court Rules: To avoid disturbing nearby neighbors, play is permitted from 8:00 a.m. to dusk.
Singles Play: 1 hour
Doubles Play: 1-1/2 hour

The West Court may be reserved one day in advance for 1 or 1-1/2 hours by clipping a reservation slip on the net. Reservation slips, pencil, and clips are found in the metal box on the fence inside the tennis court.

The East Court is held for open play.

Occasionally both courts may be reserved one week in advance for local community tournament play or other special events approved by the Tennis Committee. Advance notice will be posted.

Courts are to be surrendered after one hour of play when other members are waiting.

There is no “Dress Code”, but players are asked not to play shirtless or in swim wear. Footwear is limited to tennis shoes with non-marking soles (no black soles).

8. Daily Court Maintenance:
Using the equipment located on the courts, players are requested to sweep dirt, gravel, and other debris from the surface of the court before playing. Players are expected to take out any trash they bring into the court.

9. Votes by Members: It is expected that there will not be a need for annual or special meetings of GHTC members or that a significant number of members would be able to attend such meetings. Therefore, matters requiring the vote of the members, including the approval of these guidelines and regulations and any changes therein, will be submitted to members by mail. The committee will assume your vote of approval if it receives no response by mail.

10. Ownership Responsibilities: As the tennis courts are on Common Lands owned by the Great Hawk Owner’s Association, they are the property of the GHOA. Any major changes or additions to the tennis courts and its surrounding area will require the approval of the GHOA Board of Directors.
October 2003