Homeowner Responsibilities

Homeowner Responsibilities

The GHOA is responsible for ensuring that the water entering homes is safe to drink, and for maintenance of all equipment delivering water from the well to the homes. Homeowners have three sets of responsibilities.

(1) Homeowners are responsible for keeping all water-related equipment within their home and on their property in good working order. A leaking pipe or faucet, or a running toilet, can put significant strain on a sub-system pump, eventually causing it to burn out and require replacing, which is extremely costly. In exceptional cases, the CWS reserves the right to turn off water to a house if repairs are not performed in a timely manner.

(2) Homeowners are responsible for ensuring that property improvements do not adversely impact the CWS. Maps of the CWS and all individual sub-systems, as well as original sketches of the water lines within most properties, are maintained by the CWS and are available in the GHOA office. Homeowners and/or contractors should consult these maps before any digging is performed.

(3) Although we annually test each well for water quality, this does not guarantee that the water in each home is drinkable, since additional contamination can occur within the home. Especially after long periods in which the home is unoccupied, homeowners may test their own water, however The CWS will not reimburse for personal homeowner water tests.

In addition to these responsibilities, we strongly recommend that all homeowners have at least five gallons of fresh water stored at their home at all times, in case of a problem with the water system or an extended power outage (which will shut off the well pump).