Common Land/Trails


Great Hawk Map

Trail Map (.pdf)

Chair: Norm Christiansen
Committee: Michael Schlenker, Jamin Benson, Rachel Cunningham, Dick Weden, Mary Weden
Trails: Mark Kassop

A map of the newly restored and marked trail was given to owners at the Annual Meeting. Trail maps are available at the office and can be seen on the GHOA Website.

Mark thanks all those who volunteered to clear the trail: Gerry Mooney, Scott Lee, Donna Kassop, Norm Christiansen, Frank Campbell and Nick King.

Feedback from a few trail walkers has been positive. We look forward to the future expansion into the upper road areas.

Mark Kassop has offered to spearhead a Trails Committee to construct a plan to revive the cross-country and walking trails, originally blazed and marked on a 1975 map. The trails existed on common land and on property before many of the homes on Sparrow Hawk, Upper Sparrow Hawk Roads and the Martin property were built. Permission must be granted by the home and lot owners for trails crossing their property. Part of the trail went into a piece of land belonging to the Green Mountain National Forest. According to the Forest Ranger; a proposal for restoration or a new trail in that area must be submitted to the District Ranger and to the Department of Environmental Protection as well as to GHOA. At present owners: Campbell, Christensen, Gillis, Lee/Mooney, and Kassop form the committee and we will present updates on this site, at annual meetings, and in GHOA mailings.

As of August, 2006 a loop trail around the Great Hawk Pond has been created and blazed with yellow diamond markers. The trail may be used for hiking during the summer and snowshoeing and single track cross country skiing during the winter (weather permitting). During the summer the portion of the trail between the corner of Great Pond Road and Great Hawk Road and the pond tends to be VERY muddy and hikers may want to avoid this area until bridges or structures are created to overcome this seasonal obstacle. The trail is reasonably flat, considering the terrain of the Great Hawk mountain, but care should be taken as the trail is more challenging than walking on the mountain roads. A copy of the trail route is available on the GHOA web site.

In the future, we will waterproof the portion of the trail noted in the previous paragraph and extend the trail to other sections of our community. ENJOY!

If other owners wish to join Trail Committee, e-mail Mark at

GHOA Hiking Trails:
The Great Hawk hiking trails are intended for the use of all members of our community and its visitors. The trails have been created and maintained by members of our community and we would appreciate the help of all hikers, snowshoers, x-country skiers, dog walkers and others users in keeping the trails clean and quiet. Please remember that many sections of the trails cross or come very near the property lines of community members and we should all respect the privacy of these homeowners and practice “no-impact” trail usage. If you see anything that does not belong on the trails, please assist us by disposing of that item. Thanks for your cooperation!