Info for Renters

If You are Renting a house at Great Hawk, congratulations! You have found a wonderful mountain hideaway that everyone in our Community cherishes. We hope your visit here is peaceful and rewarding.

Great Hawk is a tight-knit group of 91 residential homes located on a remote mountainside. We are not a resort community, but a private group of homes within a Homeowners Association with a governing set of Covenants and By-Laws.

Our homeowners follow these rules to maintain a quiet, peaceful and safe environment for all. Renters are subject to these rules as well, and we thank you for abiding by them. Renters who do not abide by these rules may be asked to leave by their hosts.


Quiet Hours are between 10 pm and 7 am. Loud noise, music, singing, shouting, etc. is not allowed during these hours.
• At all times radio, TV and stereo sound should not be heard beyond the house.

Roads & Parking

• Please observe the speed limit of 30 mph in Great Hawk. Reduce speed for pedestrians, children, dogs, and road dust.
Vehicles: All-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and similar recreational vehicles, RVs and campers are not allowed on Great Hawk.
No on-street parking allowed.

Fire and Safety

No open fires, campfires, fireworks, or hunting are allowed at Great Hawk.

Garbage, Septic, & Compost

Trash and other waste shall be properly secured and regularly removed.
Non-organic material should never be flushed and leaking toilets should be promptly repaired.
• Please compost your food scraps by following Vermont State Law. Do not dump food in Great Hawk. Click here for more information.


Barking: Constantly barking dogs should not be left alone and unattended.
Leashes: Dogs should be on a leash on the Common Lands & roads of Great Hawk


Hours of use are 8 am until 10 pm. Swim at your own risk. No lifeguard on duty.
• Dogs are allowed in the pond only with Owner’s strict supervision and as long as there are no other people using the pond.
• Life preservers are for emergency use only.
• No open fires are allowed. A covered grill may be used for picnics.
• Only electronic devices with headphones are allowed.
• Fly fishing only: Catch and Release. Use only single barbless hooks, no treble hooks or multiple hooks. No live bait or power bait. Fight and land fish as quickly as possible. Try not to tire them out. Keep fish in the water as much as possible to minimize handling. If swimmers are present, no fishing is allowed.

Tennis Courts

Some houses at Great Hawk have tennis memberships, which include a tennis key. If your house has a tennis key, then you are allowed to play as a renter.

• Hours of use are 8:00 a.m. to dusk.
• Players cannot play shirtless or in swimwear. Footwear is limited to tennis shoes with non-marking soles.
• Using the equipment located on the courts, players are requested to sweep dirt, gravel, and other debris from the surface of the court before playing.
• Please keep gates locked.
• Pets are not allowed on the court.
• Trash is “carry in carry out”.